Cursive writing : Letter L

Students practice writing the letter "L" in upper and lower case in these printable cursive writing worksheets.

Cursive Handwriting : "L" is for Lion
Cursive Handwriting : "L" is for Lion

This cursive L worksheet encourages students to improve their penmanship. Kids will have the opportunity to practice tracing the cursive L before writing it on their own. Then, children will be challenged to write an entire sentence using several cursive L words. This worksheet is a great tool for students who need practice writing the cursive L legibly.

Practicing the letter L in cursive

Learn to write the letter L in cursive. This worksheet has traceable uppercase and lowercase letter L's in cursive. Kids are asked to trace the cursive L's and then write them on their own as well as trace some words that have the letter L.

Cursive Handwriting : "L" is for Lion

Good penmanship helps kids (and adults!) create handwritten cards and letters that others will cherish. Kids practice writing capital and lowercase "L" in cursive on this worksheet by tracing the letters and then writing their own. They also trace a cursive sentence, then write their own. This worksheet helps your child learn to write legibly in cursive, allowing correct spacing between letters in a word and words in a sentence.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “L”

Those wanting to learn the way to write a cursive capital L are often surprised that’s it’s not as easy as anticipated. This is likely because L’s aren’t all that complicated in print. While the cursive capital L isn’t overly difficult compared to some of the other letters in the alphabet, it’s much more difficult than its print counterpart. This will mean you’ll likely need to spend some extra time than anticipated practicing it in order to master it. To begin, you should take the time to watch a video explaining the correct way to write a cursive L. This will help you visualize the correct stroke and give hints about the pitfalls to avoid that beginners are likely to make. By first starting with the video, you put yourself in a much better position to master the cursive capital L without unneeded complications.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “L”

You’ll be happy to know that writing a cursive “l” isn’t too difficult compared to many other cursive letters. In fact, it’s one of the easier cursive letters to write so with a bit of effort, you should be able to master it in a relatively short period of time. The best way to learn how to write this letter is to watch the proper way to write a cursive “l” before attempting to write it yourself. This gives you an opportunity to see the correct stroke and view common mistakes people often make when writing a cursive “l” for the first time. We’ve created a video as a resource for teachers and homeschool parents for just this purpose.